I love making semi-homemade projects. I say "semi-homemade" because I don't make the object I decorate...... I just HAVE to make it cuter! I also like to make semi-homemade meals.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter wreath

I feel terrible I've been neglecting my little blog. My whole world was turned upside down when my husband became ill. The last thing I think about doing, as sad as it sounds is crafts.

I pulled my Easter things out of storage and found the wreath I made a couple of years ago.

Supplies you will need: WREATH (I used one made out of grapevine. You can use any kind you want.) EASTER GRASS (any color you prefer) EASTER EGGS, a GARLAND, some SILK FLOWERS, a STUFFED BUNNY or two.

Instructions: You can glue your grass to your wreath with any kind of glue that works for you. I like hot glue because it's fast. Grab your garland and tie it around your wreath and grass to secure the grass better. Leave even spaces in between. Glue your eggs where you want them. I used some white little flowers too. When you're done you can place one stuffed rabbit or a boy/girl rabbit on the bottom of the wreath. That's it! You've got a wreath.