I love making semi-homemade projects. I say "semi-homemade" because I don't make the object I decorate...... I just HAVE to make it cuter! I also like to make semi-homemade meals.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Ornament

To make these special ornaments, you will need handmade art paper. (You can buy it at a scrapbook store.) You can also use any other kind of paper you want. A glass ball ornament. Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and some ribbon. You are ready to go!

l. Take the cap off the ornament and stick a popsicle stick in there so that you won't get glue on
your hands.

2. Put a layer of mod podge glue all over the glass ball.

3. Wrap a piece of paper around the ball.

4. Cover the paper with mod podge.

5. Let it dry approx. an hour.

6. Put another layer of mod podge on .

7. Let it dry.

8. Put the cap back on.

9. Tie a ribbon on the top.

You can make copies of a favorite photo or a favorite quote or any thing you would like to put on your ornament to make it extra special.
When I was in the Young Women program, I printed out the Young Women theme and gave one to all the girls for Christmas. Just glue it on with some mod podge and put another layer on top.